Frequently Asked Questions

The cost will depend on whether you are seeking private coaching or would like to learn in a group setting by joining us for a clinic. Head over to our booking page to see current pricing!

 Private sessions are between one and three hours, depending on what suits you best. Our clinics are typically between two and a half hours and 3 and a half hours.

You can book a private lesson or select the option to bring a friend (or three). You can also request a private clinic of 5 or more people.

Absolutely! Our booking site allows you to request a specific coach for private lessons.

 We love teaching beginners and will always meet you where you are – with that said, it is best for you to know how to balance on a bike before taking a mountain bike lesson.

If you have any additional questions regarding this, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Yes – quite often!

We believe there is no end to skill progression on a bike, which is one of the reasons we all love this sport. There’s always a way to make our riding more fluid, more playful, more controlled, or faster. At SimplyMTB, we incorporate elements of mindfulness as a way of learning more about ourselves as we ride our bikes. These mindfulness skills will influence your life even when you’re not on your bike.

We offer lessons and clinics in various locations – please refer to your booking confirmation for your location. 

It depends on your skill level. With new students, we will start in the parking lot to dial in skills before we hit the dirt trails.

We can teach any age! We have worked with students from 4 years old to 84 years old.

No, we find that having a parent present can change or hinder the dynamic relationship between coach and student. If your child is taking a clinic or private lesson, we prefer some distance to yield the best result.

All kids must arrive prepared with appropriate attire, food, water, and functional bikes/safety equipment. If you aren’t sure about what that means, just give us a holler and we will help you out.

You will want a fully functional mountain specific bike with working gears and front/rear brakes. If your bike breaks during your lesson, it will be a loss of the remaining time on the bike.

We love E-bikes and encourage their use as long as the trails we are riding allow them.

Absolutely, but holding a phone up might be challenging. You can ask your instructor to take some videos of the skills you are working on.

You can fill out this form to request a guided tour with or without instruction.

We need 72 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling for any group clinic. For private lessons, we need at least 24 hours. If you cancel or reschedule within the above timeframes, you will not receive a refund. You can email info@simplymtb to cancel or reschedule your lesson or clinic.

1. Mountain Bike & Helmet

Please make certain your bike is in good mechanical condition. If you aren’t sure, we recommend having it tuned by your favorite mechanic so it is in top form. There are also high-quality demo bikes available for rent at a discounted price from Fezzari Bicycles. Please reach out to us if you would like to inquire about a rental bike or if you would like a recommendation for a mechanic! ([email protected])

2. Hydration Pack & Snacks

You will want plenty of water. Please come with a hydration pack or backpack filled & ready to consume. Bringing a water bottle with an electrolyte drink mix can also be nice. Bring any snacks you may want in your pack for on the trail.

3. Tools for a Flat Spare Tube

Please bring a spare tube that fits your bike’s tire size.
Our instructors carry tools for minor trailside repairs, but we strongly recommend that you own and bring your own trailside repair kit. At a minimum, this kit should include a pump, tire levers, and a multi-tool. These items will come with a rental bike. Let us know if you’d like help with suggestions on what else to include in your kit!

4. Flat Pedals

For off-trail skills and drills, it can be helpful to ride with flat pedals (skate shoes, or similar, work well with flat pedals). Bring your clipless pedals too if you are used to riding in them. Make sure you have two separate pairs of shoes – the ones that go with your clipless pedals & the ones that go with your flat pedals.

Mtn Biking Shoes at REI

5. Appropriate Clothing

Our area is fortunate to receive all kinds of weather! From wet and cold to very hot and very dry. Please check the weather before your lesson – we like to use
NOAA forecast for Draper, UT
NOAA forecast for Lindon, UT

6. Riding Gloves, Leg and Arm pads

We ask everyone to arrive with bike gloves.
Armor (Leg & Arm Pads) are optional but can be nice for protection & confidence building. Armor may also be available for rent from some of the bike shops in town. Shoot us an email if you’d like to know what shops to try.

7. Sunscreen and Sunglasses

8. Adjustable Seat Post

Though not required, we do recommend them for increased safety and fun.

9. Gratuity

Tipping your coach is greatly appreciated. We kindly ask you to be prepared to do so after your activity.

Yes! We offer our Mountain Mastery Program. For more information, please email [email protected]

Step ups, drops, corners, loose trail etc? Absolutely – all private lessons are tailored to YOUR needs. We have skill specific clinics as well.

Adult Clinics on SimplyMTB Website