Meet our Coaches

SimplyMTB Coaches are engaged in the art of teaching and connecting through the practice of helping our students discover the rhythm of mountain biking.

Jamie Bangerter

Founder and Head Coach of SimplyMTB

Level Two PMBI Certified Mountain Bike Instructor. 6 years of mountain bike skills coaching experience with over 1000 students taught. Jamie connects with students through bringing awareness to life experience parallels of the student to each lesson allowing the student to pull from skills they already have and apply them to the trail. She believes that we can all improve and continues to strive and grow on the bike and in our own lives. She focuses on teaching her students to feel a difference and pay attention to when something changes in their own riding, this is what we refer to as Mindful Mountain Biking.

Sam Buckmiller

Our Chief of Stoke!

Sam enjoys being an excellent mentor and coaching people of all ages. He has many other interests outside of riding which contribute to this enthusiasm. Sam also works as a music teacher, specifically teaching drums. His goal is to inspire achievement through the art of drumming and his definition of success is to do your best to be your best. He has raced at high levels in various two-wheeled disciplines such as BMX and Motocross. Sam maintains a busy teaching schedule both on bikes and in the drum studio. Sam served an LDS mission in Florida and focused his college and current studies on positive psychology and communications. He feels this greatly enhances his teaching and hopes to be able to effectively teach and inspire not only on a bike but also in life.

Brandee Oakley

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Brandee discovered mountain biking in the late eighties/ early nineties on a $500 hardtail (who can remember name brands?!), it did have shimano components though, she did think that was pretty rad! She did not however think it was rad, after riding 2 times, once in Moab and once up at Alta ski Resort on the cat track road (who would love that?!), she quickly decided this sport was not for her. Fast forward 23 years and a fire ignited!! After trading some work for a brand new Santa Cruz 5010, she quickly fell in love with the sport, and has not stopped since. Her desire to progress her own riding skills led her to get certified with the PMBIA and pass on that love to students. She loves to introduce people to the sport safely while inspiring confidence and a desire to further their own skills.

Dan Hall

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I have been a ski instructor for 18 years and have always enjoyed sharing a love for the outdoors. When I started working as a ski instructor I had to find something to balance my seasons. That led me into the world of mountain biking and found it just as enjoyable. For the next several years my life was full of teaching skiing in the winters and working as a bike mechanic. Biking and skiing have taken me to a number of wonderful places over the years and I love sharing and teaching people ways to have fun experiences in the outdoors.

Gina Grapentine

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The first time I mountain biked I hated it and I cried; I was 23 years old. I was in way over my head and the only “coaching” I received was “just ride down!” Unfortunately, many people have a similar story to mine in regards to learning mountain biking but theirs ended there, luckily, I found a supportive group of women to ride with and I grew to love mountain biking. In 2015 I started leading group rides for a WomenMTB and found it incredibly rewarding to help others have a better experience riding bikes through informal coaching and an atmosphere of encouragement. I recently received my Level 1 PMBIA coaching certification and enjoy coaching people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels but I especially enjoy teaching newer riders and seeing the progression made with solidifying foundational skills. When I’m not riding my bike(s) you can find me in the mountains on foot or riding horses. I also work as a nurse, helping people is what brings me joy in life!

Marty Klingler

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Marty loves it all! She is a fun-loving and hard-working athlete, wife, mother of three awesome kids, and a coach. She hasn’t met someone she doesn’t like and hasn’t walked away without learning something from them. She thrives on helping others catch the vision of their own potential and builds on the goodness they bring to whatever sport they’re involved in. She connects quickly with others and helps create confidence through fun activities and positive feedback. She’s been coaching various sports including mountain biking to friends and their kids for over 10 years. For the last two years, she has coached on the NICA American Fork High School MTB team and has loved it. She’s naturally a competitor but tries to balance the push and pull for her clients in whatever their ability level is. She finds it so fulfilling to help beginners learn the joy of mountain biking by building a strong foundation through carefully built fundamentals but she also finds it equally rewarding bringing awareness to the small nuances of an intermediate or advanced rider to “stop, spot, and swap” and help them launch off that plateau. Coaching is her passion because it connects all of her favorite things together! People, sports, improving, and playing! As her 11-year-old son said, “she has good tips and can make anything into a song or game. She has coached lots of sports and has seen some crazy things so it’s a good thing she has her wilderness first responder training and comes with plenty of fun.” Marty’s enthusiasm is contagious and she wants to help you ride to your full potential! Come bike with her!

Cody Raspberry

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Hey Y’all! My name is Cody, and I am super stoked to be working for Simply MTB as a new mountain bike coach! A few years ago, after spending 13 years riding road bikes, I finally saw the light and decided to get into mountain biking. However, when I first started mountain biking, I was incredibly terrified and intimidated to ride on dirt, so I took a lesson from SimplyMTB which totally changed my riding, helped my confidence, and gave me a great foundation of skills to build upon. Now I am confidently riding my mountain bike and love every type of riding from flowy downhill to challenging technical climbs and descents. When I am not riding, I am working on completing my degree in Marriage and Family Studies and will be starting a Master of Social Work program in the fall of 2022. I have also been teaching Pilates at a studio in Ogden for the past 3.5 years, and not only do I thoroughly enjoy teaching people Pilates, and I also love how well Pilates compliments my mountain biking!