Change the way you ride —

Mindful Mountain Biking

Change the way you ride —

Mindful Mountain Biking

SimplyMTB offers mountain bike skills coaching to every skill level of any age. Our professionally trained and certified coaches have you covered to keep you safe on the trails or to dial in specific maneuvers or skills.

With our mindful approach to mountain bike coaching, we can take you to the next level.

What is Mindful Mountain Biking?

Brings awareness to your reactions and helps you redirect them into intentional responses.
Offers tools to work with the internal side of biking such as fear, emotions, body cues, and mindset.
Helps you understand why something feels wrong and make small corrections with big results.
Teaches you how to move from ‘survive-riding’ to ‘thrive-riding.’
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Mindful Mountain Biking is the practice of bringing awareness to your natural reactions and redirecting them into intentional responses to help you gain control and traction on the trail while dramatically improving your riding. 

Our coaches are trained to watch for these small nuances in the way our bodies react and what that does to our control of our bike.  With this trained eye, we help our students to take notice and pinpoint what caused the reaction and begin to change into response. 

When you can begin to recognize when fear reactions are  taking over through your own body cues, you can begin to change by figuring out what brought the fear in the first place and changing that into response. 

We help our students deconstruct the skills to reconstruct with a stronger foundation of the understanding of the fundamentals which create the skills you are learning to improve your riding. 

We want to teach you how to take your mountain biking from survive-riding to thrive-riding.

We want to teach you how to take your mountain biking from survive-riding to thrive-riding.

Ready to Level Up Your Riding?

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​Group Clinics

We are thrilled to offer a new coaching option!

Mountain Mastery Program

This season-long coaching program allows us to work together to achieve your riding goals. With the Mountain Mastery Membership Program, our coaches work with students who are interested in ongoing lessons at the cadence that works best for you. 

Along with ongoing lessons, you will also have access to 10% any additional group clinic or lesson (reserved for member only)

This package includes One 2-Hour Lesson and Five 1-Hour Lessons. 

If you want to see if this package is right for you,  book a free 30-Minute Assessment Session first!