Coaches Highlight – Marty Klingler

Coach Marty Klingler has been an asset to the SimplyMTB team, bringing stoke and skills to all of her students. We wanted to share with you a bit about her coaching style so that you can discover more of what makes her such a successful rider and coach!

How would you describe your coaching style and what do you feel is the most important aspect of being a good coach?

I love empowering people to reach just a little more outside of their comfort zone, one skill at a time. The key to this is that this is all done in safe and manageable steps. I like to tiptoe out of comfort zones when building skills. I believe creativity is the key to my success as a coach. I enjoy the process of breaking down skills like cornering, drops or rock gardens and then working with students to rebuild their skills piece by piece, focusing on foundational skills. I use lots of different teaching styles in this process, aiming to provide tips for my students in ways that work best for them and their learning style. 

What do YOU feel is the best advice for someone learning to mountain bike?

Lightheartedness… this is the key to my coaching, and how I see my students learn best. I am not afraid to get a little silly to try to help my students loosen up and expand their skills while having fun. I love watching a rider develop their unique style to their riding, having humor and not taking things too seriously! 

Why do you enjoy coaching mountain biking?

Riding, to me, is something that I love to do with gusto! I’ll be the one on the trail letting out a hoot and a holler as I ride berms and catch air. I am as passionate about my riding as I am about helping others grow in their skills. I just love getting after it on the trail, and I find that when I take my cues from my students, we are able to make great strides in their skills while having a really good time.